About Us

Nice to meet you. Carrots is a spirited group of writers, speakers and training experts within O.C. Tanner, the world’s largest appreciation company. Over the last ten years, O.C. Tanner has created more recognition experiences, for more people around the world, than every other company in the recognition industry combined.

In our work and in the considerable research we’ve commissioned, we’ve discovered a lot about recognition. What works. What inspires and excites. And how to take a human approach to building cultures that inspire and appreciate great work.

Carrots was created to share all the good stuff we’d learned with managers, companies and you. By authoring books on recognition best practices and building breakthrough teams. Through training workshops and programs that train the trainers. And with tools that keep your appreciation juices flowing.

Enjoy! And if you love what you see here, do check out the rich resources awaiting you on octanner.com.

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