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Teamwork Training

World-Class Teamwork Training—Based on The Orange Revolution

From O.C. Tanner’s groundbreaking research in employee engagement and teamwork, and facilitated by world-renowned trainers, Teamwork Training is an interactive half-day workshop that teaches managers and team members how to achieve true breakthrough teamwork that drives real business results.

Working together starts with learning together. Our interactive half-day workshop (led by world-class O.C. Tanner trainers) uses interactive modules, research, visuals, exercises, and strategic discussions to get team members talking, sharing and learning together. If classroom training is not an option, online training helps team members internalize learning and become individual catalysts for great teamwork.

The Orange Revolution Book, Teamwork Training Workbook, note cards and envelopes, Teamwork Buttons and fun surprises.

Teamwork Training is available live at your location or via online training.

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